You can play it in the browser ^^^ or download it for windows, mac or linux below!

You are Grey, a worm who has moved into Wormville!

Meet your new worm neighbours, and do quests for them!

You've still got your string but that's ok, right?

A short RPG Maker game, made to experiment with quests :) 


Use the arrow keys, or your mouse to move

Use the space bar, or your mouse to click through dialogue

Press escape to see the menu, and then either the arrow keys or your mouse to go through the menu.

Install instructions

If the browser version doesn't work, or you just want to download the game instead, download the version for your operating system and extract it! :D


Worms Off The String- 69 MB
Worms Off The String- 133 MB
Worms Off The String- 112 MB


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this is such a cute game :D!! i really like it, and its cool not knowing what happens after you lose your string! keep up the good work :D


thank you! ^-^